Letters for Vivian

Tell Governor Christie to sign bill S2842 granting 2 year old Vivian safe access to the life saving type of medical cannabis she needs.

April 26th 2013:
We contacted our New Jersey Legislators about Vivian's Condition and the need to amend the NJ Medical Marijuana Program to remove the roadblocks which were preventing her from receiving non-psychoactive medical cannabis.
May 19th, 2013:
The first article about our struggle with the law appears in the Star Ledger. From this first article, the media coverage gradually expanded.
May 30th, 2013:
Bill S2842 was introduced to the NJ Senate
June 13, 2013:
Bill A4241 introduced to the NJ Assembly
June 20, 2013:
S2842 is passed by the full NJ Senate with a vote of 24 Yes, 14 No and 2 Not Voting
A4241 passed the Assembly Committee
June 24, 2013:
Combined Senate/Assembly Bill S2842 passed the general assembly and went to Governor Christie's desk with a vote of 55 Yes, 13 No, 3 Not Voting and 9 Abstains.
August 14h, 2013:
With the bill still on his desk, Governor Christie take a state helicopter to Vivian's home town of Scotch Plains to campaign and pick up an endorsement from democratic Scotch Plains Mayor Kevin Glover.

Having been denied several requests by the Governor's office for a meeting, Vivian's father Brian Wilson drives home from vacation to try to cross paths with the Governor and get an impromptu meeting. Hundreds of supporters attend and the campaign stop is overshadowed. Brian forces the Governor to talk to him where, out of desperation, he pleads with the governor as he walks away "please don't let my daughter die." This sets off a firestorm of national news coverage.
August 16, 2013:
After sitting on the bill for 53 days, Governor Christie issues a Conditional Veto. Note that it only took 59 days to go from Meghan's first letter to a bill on the Governor's desk.

His terms:
Remove language from the bill that would remove the undue burden of finding a medical marijuana prescriber, a pediatrician and a psychologist to sign off before receiving the card. There is no other medicine issued in the state of NJ that requires more than one physician to prescribe to a child, including methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and opiates. Allow edibles, but only for minors. Adults will be restricted to only plant material, lozenges or topical ointments.
August 19th, 2013:
Senate Votes to approve Christie's conditions. 34 Yes, 1 No, 5 Not Voting
September 9th, 2013:
Assembly votes to approve Christie's conditions. 70 Yes, 1 No, 4 Abstain
September 10th, 2013:
Governor Christie signs S2842 into law.